(Vtrend.vn) Dell’s first social good advocate, actor and entrepreneur Adrian Grenier, understood early on the multiple threats our ocean faces.

Adrian rallied Dell to look at ways the company could address ocean plastics at scale. In addition to developing packaging made from ocean-bound plastics, Dell recognized that to make a real difference when it came to this marine litter, they couldn’t do alone. It would take many organizations working together looking at it from a systems perspective.

NextWave grew out of that need.

Dell looked to Lonely Whale to lead NextWave and convene a consortium of like-minded manufacturers who could develop a sustainable operational supply chain that reduces ocean-bound plastic at scale.

The resulting working group, known as NextWave, aims to ensure that resulting open source supply chains have the infrastructure and support necessary to meet demand while aligning with globally approved social and environmental standards.

NextWave will actively engage scientists and other advocates working with marine litter and ocean health to advise on sustainable models.

NextWave is committed to creating real change, so part of participant commitment includes agreeing to test integration of ocean-bound materials into products and to reduce source plastic across their operations and supply chain.

Minh Xuân